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DED Trade License in Dubai

DED Services

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a UAE Government Entity that is entrusted to formulate the economic growth of the emirate of Dubai, UAE. It withholds the Dubai government’s vision of the structural transformation of the region into a modified, innovative, service-based economy in order to boost the business environment and stimulate productive growth of the economy.  Obtaining a DED Trade License in Dubai is a fundamental requirement for businesses looking to operate legally in the region. The license comes in different categories, such as commercial, industrial, and professional licenses, each catering to specific types of business activities. 

Vbizzone specializes in providing services to facilitate the process of obtaining this essential license, making it easier for businesses to establish a legitimate presence in Dubai.

DED and its all agencies establish economic policies and plans, classify and support the expansion of strategic sectors and administer services to domestic and international businesses.  

Following are the services are provided by DED:
  • New Trade License Issuance
  • Trade License renewal
  • Amendment of Activities in Trade License
  • Amendment related to partner(s)/ shareholder(s) and Manager(s) – MOA Amendment
  • Freelance Permit for UAE residents
  • Permit approvals – Flyer Approval, Sign Board Approval
  • Trade License Cancellation
  • Issuance of Commercial permit